Freelan Oscar Stanley

Freelan Oscar Stanley (F.O. or Freel) was born in Kingfield, Maine on June 1, 1849. Freel was noted for having a weaker constitution, due to frequent bouts of tuberculosis. F.O. carried on the love of instruments by making a violin at age eleven, He would later go to Western Maine Normal School (now UMF), graduating in 1871. He then studied at Hebron Academy and Bowdoin. He chose not to return to Bowdoin as a sophomore, after Bowdoin President Joshua Chamberlin, of Civil War fame, required each student to purchase a $3.00 uniform. The students weren’t happy with the colleges new military requirements. Pres. Chamberlin threatened to expel students for not purchasing a uniform and signing a loyalty pledge. F.O. was one of the three students who chose not to return to Bowdoin. He left Bowdoin and taught in Maine and Pennsylvania. In 1880, he returned to Western Maine Normal School as an instructor but resigned a year later because of tb. He went to manufacture drafting tools for students and opened up a factory in Mechanic Falls  to produce them. He lost his business in a fire and later joined his brother in the dry plates business , thus starting their life long joint business ventures.

How to Write My Essay

When asked to create an essay, the very first thing a student must do is choose a subject. Pick a subject that intrigues you, and that has some depth to the subject. Explore primary and secondary sources about the subject and make notes. You’ll then be able use these sources to prove your argument.

Create a new thematic. It should link the four-to-7 aspects of the life of the writer. It should also be flexible enough to connect to a variety of experiences and beliefs. Each of these parts will need to provide an example of the theme. Often, themes will give a format for an essay, but you’ll need be cautious not to overload it.

There is the option of hiring the services of a professional essayist. They are owned by professors, and are extremely lucrative. They charge anywhere from $20 and $80 per page. This is sufficient to pay essay writer for several hours of working. They also charge extra for the “works referenced” portion of the essay. Many companies guarantee their papers will be delivered in deadline.

Writing essays is a wonderful method for students to show their thoughts and test their minds. They will also demonstrate how a person has acquired throughout the course of their education. They will show if they are able to research an area and present logic-based arguments. The tests also show how students can follow directions.