Are Business Cards Dead? 7 captain crunch Reasons Why Its Time To Go Digital

Business cards remain the easiest way to exchange contact information. Here are some captain crunch reasons why business cards are as relevant as ever. It’s fair to say that business cards have changed little over the years. With a few exceptions—those that come in different shapes, orientations, or as USB drives—most are still made of thick rectangular paper.

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They want to promote the design and printing of 10 billion cards each year. Even a plain business card, designed and printed well, is better than an elaborate card you print on an office printer. If you can’t already tell, I like anything old-school that still works, especially something simple like a business card.

  • Custom business cards extend your brand – A great custom business card is an extension of your brand and your values.
  • Technology may change all it wants, but there’ll always be a place for them.
  • This article discusses why business cards are still relevant and you can transform how they are used to obtain the maximum benefits.
  • They also want customer insights, critiques, and challenges.
  • Business cards, they say, are the last vestiges of the bygone era of paper and print.
  • Because smartphones can achieve the same or better result as traditional cards, it makes less sense to carry additional objects with no added benefit.

Customers will continue to trickle in via these powerful channels. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. CC Digital is a Lincolnshire based marketing company, specialising in Google Ads & Bing Ads management, along with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook Ads. The Design Bunch work closely with both startups and established businesses big or small, creating engaging and well-researched design solutions at affordable prices.

The Swiss Knife Of Networking

Instead of falling victim to either scenario, commit to digital organization. With intuitive wireless scanning capabilities, our compact ScanSnap iX100 is the perfect solution. It can scan, digitize and export data directly to CRMs such as Salesforce and other common organization software including Microsoft Excel.

Try to add just the most relevant information for your clients, and try to think from client’s perspective. Your well-printed business card should set you apart from competitors. Think about how to mention your preferred contact methods like email, cell phone, twitter, or even blog. Make sure that your business card somehow encourages people to contact you. Unsurprisingly, most of them noted the how the advent of LinkedIn, smartphones and even basic email transformed how we collect and share networking information.

Get Smart With Design

Add a call to action – there are two sides to a business card so why not add a CTA on the reverse, like a special offer, link to a video or report, or another action. Instead of killing business cards, the web has transformed how we use them. Business cards are more effective as they have all the key information in one place! It will highlight to the customer how it is best to get hold of you. It also means that no inquiries get missed, as you are sending them directly to where you need them to go. However, despite this, there are still certain areas of a company that should remain tangible in the physical world.

It Is An Effective Networking Tool

Printed card is a business tool that has not lost its relevancy over the ages; there are reasons why everyone must have one and should get it printed from the right place. Business cards are still relevant for another simple reason – they are targeted. Not only do they share your contact information but they can also give a quick shot of info on your business.

After all, we have so many different ways of exchanging information now than even just 20 years ago. However, we still state that business cards are as relevant in 2021 as they’ve been in the past. On the off-chance that someone does try to hand you a paper card, you don’t necessarily need to turn it down.

Reasons Why Personal Business Cards Are Still Relevant

So, apart from just possessing a business card, you actually need to have one that looks good. The third type had no connection options and had to fish a crumpled piece of paper from his or her wallet or handbag. The information provided on this page is for information, educational, and/or editorial purposes only. It is not intended to indicate any affiliation between Tailor Brands and any other brand or logo identified on this page. If you need one, use a logo maker to help streamline the process.