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  • Varying your protein food choices can provide your body with a range of nutrients designed to keep your body functioning well.
  • Ratchet up its protein content by dusting the kernels with surprisingly delicious nutritional yeast, the vegan, B-vitamin-packed answer to Parmesan cheese.
  • Knowing which foods are highest in protein can help you meet your protein needs.
  • A 1-cup serving of pumpkin seeds provides 12 grams of protein.
  • Eggs contain carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which protects our eyes by helping to prevent macular degeneration, an age-related blindness.

This means you should search for items of higher quality than you typically would because, when looking through products, what might be considered good enough isn’t good enough. These tasty little morsels are the perfect package providing the awesome combination of plant protein, iron and zinc – important nutrients if you are on a vegetarian diet. Pistachios and almonds have the most protein of all nuts with just one handful containing 6 grams.

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The hugely popular pinto bean is a welcome addition to many a dish and offers a generous 21g of protein per serving. For a lighter version of pork with all the same protein benefits, a low-fat ham can be a great alternative and offers up 21g of protein per 100g. For a super-intense burst of protein, whey protein isolate is favored by those in serious strength training. At 90% protein in composition, this is a fast and effective way to hoard the nutrients you need. Once again, nuts are a safe bet, and pistachios are a good source, with 20g protein per handful, but offering fewer carbohydrates and calories than more popular choices. The Paleo diet takes its inspiration from the past, looking back to our Stone Age ancestors for a guide on the best diet for modern humans.

Brazil nuts (4.1 g/oz), pecans, (2.6 g/oz), and walnuts (4.3 g/oz) are also great sources of protein. Another good thing about nuts is that they also contain healthy fats like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Proteins that provide essential amino acids in adequate amounts and in the correct proportion are complete or high quality; those that do not are considered incomplete or low quality.

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One half of a chicken breast provides 26.7 grams of protein . Try adding some almonds to plant-based meals, like grain bowls and salads, for a boost of filling protein and fiber. On the contrary, many studies have shown that whole eggs are incredibly healthy for most people and may actually help prevent chronic diseases .

A fairly exotic newcomer to many food scenes, guava fruit, is a perfect way to inject a tropical touch to your everyday life and boasts a respectable 2.6g of protein in every 100g. One of the most popular culinary explosions in recent years, the humble avocado has been elevated to the lofty heights of Insta food blogger fame. Fortunately, it is not all style over substance, with 2g of protein in every 100g consumed. As a general rule, fruits are not top of the protein charts, with vegetables offering a far more dense source.


Kerry Torrens is a qualified Nutritionist with a post graduate diploma in Personalised Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. She is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and a member of the Guild of Food Writers. Over the last 15 years she has been a contributing author to a number of nutritional and cookery publications including BBC Good Food. Please note, however, that milk might not be so great a pick for you if you suffer lactose intolerance as it can trigger diarrhea and gas. During athletic training or when beginning a new exercise program, the body is adjusting to new demands, and as a result, protein requirements increase. As adaptation takes place, needs moderate, and it is no longer necessary to consume extra protein.

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Although you can have it savory in the morning too, quinoa also makes a good sweet breakfast if you’re sick of oats. “This whole grain contains 12 grams of protein in just 1/2 cup uncooked,” says Hultin, who recommends adding in more protein by topping with nuts, seeds, and soy milk . Plus, it’s fairly quick to cook, or you can make it the night before and reheat in the morning. Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and they’re even a complete vegetarian protein. Still, only one tablespoon of chia seeds gets you less than 5 grams of the muscle-building nutrient, so amp up your morning chia with soy milk and crushed almonds to get closer to 15 grams. To boost protein (and thickness!) even further, stir in your favorite protein powder.

Tofu is also a great source of vitamins, as are other plant products. If you are seeking to pick a meal with little fat but high protein content, then we advise you to stick to eating just egg whites. Eggs are awesome simply because there are so many ways to can cook them or if one is gutsy enough – have them raw. Try getting your hands on organically grown eggs as they are free from hormones and vaccines. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol, eat just 1 egg a day or skip the yolk. But if you have no major concerns, don’t sacrifice the 2.7 g protein and 218 mcg vitamin D in the yolk.

The Nutrition Source does not recommend or endorse any products. Assess how often you eat red meat, and see if one of these strategies can help you find a way to cut back a bit. Individuals diagnosed with certain diseases need to monitor their protein intake according to their physician’s guidelines. Other considerations involving proteinSpecific proteins in food and the environment are involved in food allergies, which are overreactions of the immune system . CancerWhen it comes to cancer, once again, the source of protein seems to matter more than quantity. The table below shows a sample of food “packages” sorted by protein content, alongside a range of components that come with it.